About Alice

Tania Mazzoleni

Everyone is a masterpiece, sometimes hidden

I am the daughter of a painter and illustrator – grown between fantastic characters, hyper-realistic images and comics that have nourished my imagination and creativity – and a woman who taught me to be free.
Because there is no style without freedom.
I am part of the “Slash” generation: Journalist / Trend Setter / Talent scout and other slashes to follow.
They called me a contemporary Alice when I conceived and created a concept store to promote new creative talents, MAD Zone®, welcomed by the press as “the contemporary heir of the unforgettable format launched by Fiorucci“.
Master stylist and event manager, I personally take care of every detail using a scenographic and unconventional point of view.
Thanks to the style coaching, I gathered my experience by making it available to others helping them reconnect with the best version of themselves.