Style Coaching

When it comes to style coaching, there is always a lot of confusion and one wonders: Why do I have to pay someone who says how to dress?
Style coaching is far from a guide to trends and the perfect outfit.
Style has nothing to do with fashion: it is the X factor that distinguishes us from the others avoiding homologate us to the must-have of the fashion system.
Who needs a style-coaching course?
Who wants to change habits to improve their current image and overcome the limits that prevent them from being as they would ideally be: our best version.
In addition, coaching is not about transforming a person with a TV show makeover.
Only when our inner and outer images are in harmony do we achieve a security that allows us to be unique: SELF-ESTEEM.
How to acquire new habits and necessary self-esteem?

Thanks to a holistic coaching, in which alternate personal styling and life coaching:

Body analysis and self-image: often the image we have of ourselves does not coincide with reality. Knowing our body from another point of view, we can discover its secrets to improve ourselves.
Beauty and personal grooming: everyday life absorbs the good purposes but if we set rules and create a tailor made daily routine to take care of our body, well-being will not only be physical but also mental.
Color analysis: if we like a colour does not mean that it is suitable for us. Cold or warm, bright or muted, dark or light? Through coaching, you can discover your friendly colours to use them wisely and without fear.
Body confidence and posture: elegance is not only in the garment you wear but also in the way we move, introduce ourselves and relate to others.
Decluttering and reorganization of the wardrobe: The wardrobe says many things about you but if what it says does not correspond to reality, it needs an intervention! Order, cleanliness, functionality and rationalization of spaces as well as the choice of what to keep and what is no longer suitable – or has never been – will help to make space not only outside but also within oneself.
Personal shopping: after decluttering, you need a shopping session that can replace what eliminated and introduce what you can no longer do without! I will plan and customize down a shopping session to the smallest detail.

During the coaching, you will receive tests, exercises and supplementary modules to achieve the goals.
If you do not need to take a holistic coaching, you can distinguish and support each part individually, according to the needs. Choose between the various services