Alice in the Box


Fedua Cosmetics PartyAfrica Remix - Design Week

A great event to promote the new brand, Fedua Cosmetics and its Paints, a gorgeous made in Italy nail polish with a funny packaging.

Art à PorterLa dolce vita Gallery

Fashion and Art for a Roman Christmas Party.
An unconventional contamination of 40 fashion designers, designers and an artist, Sara Digiovanni to celebrate the Gallery of the unforgettable paparazzo that discovered Liz Taylor and Richard Burton’s love story.

Feeling like a princess

Leu Locati, one of the most important Italian Company that produce Handcrafting Luxury Bags (Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana), has presented its own collection.
Their products have been adored by royalties and celebrities. Queen Elizabeth II has carried the infamous “mesh” style during key events including the Parliament in 1982. Grace Kelly also was accompanied by a Locati Petit Point while she accepted her Oscar.

Dream, Food Astrology & The Stars

Wedding and Astrology. Franco Ciambella, one of the most important Italian Wedding Haute Couturier presented his Tattoo Collection. Simon&the Stars, the famous astrologist of Glamour, introduced his Horoscope Book for the new year.

Bambola Celebration Party

The Barbie’s designers for Mattel, Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi (MA.GIA) have presented their fragrance Bambola and exhibited the Barbie Celebrities Limited Collection.